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What should you expect from your wholesale suppliers?

Welcome to Wholesale Source Reviews. If you are looking to build a home based internet business by selling products on ebay or through an online store, your first task is to find products to sell. Tapping into legitimate Wholesale sources and reputable Wholesale Lists gives you the opportunity of finding the right products to sell at a genuine wholesale price. This will enable you to compete with your competitors and also make enough of a profit to continue to grow your business.

Your choice of Wholesale Supplier could literally make or break your online business, so your product sourcing decisions should not be taken lightly. You need to ensure that you are dealing with ‘legitimate’ and ‘respected’ businesses with a strong track record and great support system – make sure you talk to a real person and do you due diligence before spending any of your hard earned cash.

As well a providing a good range of products in your chosen niche, your wholesale supplier must be able to deliver a continuous stream of products in line with the demands of a growing business. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to fulfill you orders because you have run out of stock! A good tip is to always ensure you are not reliant on just one wholesale supplier for your fast moving stock, but have other wholesale suppliers as backup when necessary.

Why many wholesale suppliers won’t work with small businesses

Finding legitimate and reputable wholesale suppliers is not as easy as it sounds. Most real wholesale suppliers will not work with small internet home based businesses. This is because as a small business you don’t have the money to order large volumes of products at one time. The Wholesale suppliers business model is based on large volume sales, as they only make a small profit on each product they wholesale. This means they have to sell in large volumes to remain viable and profitable businesses. A wholesale suppliers main market is large retail outlets who have the financial muscle to buy in bulk. So you need to find wholesale sources who are prepared to deal with small businesses and sell you small volumes of products.

Types of Wholesale Supplier

There are a number of different types of wholesale source to choose from, including dropshippers, light bulk wholesalers, large volume wholesalers, liquidators and importers. This website is designed to help you through the wholesale sourcing maze, and provide you invaluable information on companies that can link you up, either directly or indirectly with pre-screened legitimate wholesale sources and wholesale lists. We have reviewed the top dropshippers and wholesale source directories out there today, and would strongly recommend that if you are either starting out or have been burned by a wholesale supplier in the past, you check out the reviews on this website and explore what each company has to offer.

Worldwide Brands

Visit Worldwide Brands For All Your Wholesale Sourcing Needs

At the end of the day you are unlikely to be truly successful using only one wholesale sourcing method. The most successful businesses spread their risk and take advantage of a range of wholesale sources.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a great place to focus your efforts when you are getting your business off the ground. It is a very convenient and low cost wholesale sourcing method. There are 2 types of dropshipping services. The first type of dropshipper is often called an aggregator. These drop shipping services will do most of the hard work for you. They deal directly with a large number of wholesalers and provide a single point of contact for all your dropshipping needs. The downside to this level of convenience is that the product price would be slightly higher than if you sourced directly from the wholesaler, but this type of service is ideal if you are just starting out or want to test the water with a particular product or range of products.

The ‘stand out’ aggregator service on the internet today is provided by a company called Doba. Check out our comprehensive Doba Review for a more detailed drill down of their service.

You can also contact pre-qualified dropshippers direct through companies like Worldwide Brands  and SaleHoo, two of the best wholesale directories around.

Light Bulk Wholesalers

Once you have tested the waters with dropshipping, you can supplement your wholesale sourcing with light bulk wholesalers. You can get better prices than dropshipping, but you need to have the finances in place to order minimum quantities of stock and ensure that you have space to store that stock until you sell it. Both Worldwide Brands and SaleHoo have extensive lists of pre-qualified light wholesalers.

Large Volume Wholesalers

As your business grows and you have the cash flow to order larger quantities of product, you can decrease your product costs and increase profits still further by dealing with large volume wholesalers. We would only recommend this wholesale source when you have an established business with a strong cash flow.

Liquidation/Overstock sourcing

This type of wholesale sourcing works well, but liquidation sourcing will not supply a renewable source of products. Once a liquidation stock is gone it’s gone and you will run out of stock soon enough. Having said that, this type of product sourcing is great for limited special offers that could be used to tempt customers to your site and give you the opportunity to upsell higher profitable products.

We hope you enjoy reading the product reviews and browsing through the rest of the site and wish you every success in your internet business.