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Alibaba Review

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba is an international directory of suppliers from all around the world. The most common reason for using alibaba is so that companies can locate manufacturers and suppliers in foreign countries. These products can then be imported to save money and increase profit margins. The alibaba site is very easy to use and there are a number of tools to make finding exporters very easy.

Searching for a product will bring up a list of potential suppliers who produce similar products to the ones you are looking for. You can then contact the suppliers using instant messenger and email messages. The deal will then be handled by the supplier themselves.

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Alibaba also offers a nice range of educational materials which makes the site perfectly suited for anyone even if they have no former importing experience.

Product Pricing

The prices for different products on Alibaba will vary depending on the supplier that you import from and the number of products you want to purchase. The price per unit should be much lower when importing than when dealing with domestic wholesalers and dropshippers. Importing from foreign countries does mean that you have to allow enough money to cover shipping to your country. Importing is also a lot of hassle but it should be worth it in the end.


In order to use alibaba you will have to sign up and register for an account. Accounts are free to register and it only serves as a directory listing various companies of interest.

Education and Support

Importing is even more confusing than dropshipping or wholesaling products using suppliers in your own country. Alibaba simplifies the whole process because the site is very easy to use. Education and support are both well catered for on alibaba. There are a number of guides explaining the basics of import and export.

There are also guides written to explain how to pay for imported products so that you can protect yourself and ensure that you don’t get ripped off.

Alibaba also has a really helpful forum where you can ask other people advice. This is especially useful when importing products because everybody has different circumstances. You can also use this forum to help you understand exactly what duties and taxes you will be expected to pay.

Who is the site suitable for?

Alibaba is a different type of directory site because it lists international manufacturers. This means that you can use this site if you are interested in importing products from a foreign country.

There are a number of advantages to importing projects including a lower price. However importing will also be more time consuming and will also mean that you have to tie up a lot of money in stock.

Importing is complicated however alibaba makes it possible for anyone to import. There are also a number of forums where members can discuss their experiences. This makes it possible to maximise your profit margins by reducing your costs.

Features and Benefits

- Helpful online forum to get advice
- Online guides to teach you the basics
- Find suppliers in foreign countries
- Import products at lower costs
- Make greater profit margins
- Brand your own products
- Pack Products in your own packaging rather than generic boxes