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AliExpress Review

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is an online site dedicated to bringing wholesalers and buyers together from all over the world. Have you ever wondered if there is a place, you can go to browse merchandise from other countries? There are actually several online sites, but Ali Express is one of the best for many reasons.

This company was founded in 1999 as a resource for millions of buyers and suppliers to connect in one place. Currently the site has three main market places in place. There is a platform for global trade, Chinese trade and Japanese trade. There is even a division within the global platform that allows even small buyers to purchase small in bulk quantities. They offer quick shipping on all orders to keep your flow of commerce smooth.

AliExpress ease of Use

Perhaps the best thing about AliExpress is the way the sites are set up. They are extremely easy to use and offer even novice traders all the educational assistance they could need. If you have never traded with a manufacturer, from another country, this is a resource you cannot do without and searching for products could not be simpler. Simply search for the product you are interested in and you will receive a list of suppliers whom you can contact via instant messaging or email.

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AliExpress Prices

There are a wide variety of price points depending on what you are looking for. Some items can be purchased a piece at a time while others require a minimum order of several pieces. This will often depend on which supplier you choose to deal with and of course the more you buy the cheaper the per piece price generally is.

Signing Up

The only requirement to use this site is that you sign up for a membership. The good news is the memberships are always free! AliExpress is merely a database of contacts and products you can browse, once you choose a product it will be up to you to deal with your supplier and make all the final arrangements.


Clearly importing products is not as simple as ordering from a manufacturer or drop shipper in your home country, there are some unique issues you will face when dealing with companies in other countries. This is the main reason Ali Express goes to such great lengths to offer you educational tools to make your transactions go much more smoothly. You will learn important information about how to pay for overseas products and more importantly how to protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers. This alone is worth the time it takes to sign up!

AliExpress – Conclusion

Whom is Ali Express right for? Anyone who would like to save money on products and make a profit reselling them in their home country. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the import world or a total newbie there are resources available that will make your transactions easier to manage. Increase your profits today by using this handy database filled with millions of products and thousands of manufacturers. It is free to join and you may discover a whole new career path through importing goods.


AliExpress for all your Product Sourcing needs