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Bulk Buy Wholesale

Once you have established your online business, a great way of complimenting your drop shipping efforts is to bulk buy wholesale products. If you haven’t already done so, we would suggest reading the article on wholesale drop shipping for an overview of the drop shipping process and the benefits of using this product sourcing method when you are just starting out. Once you have established a successful product line through drop shipping, you can increase your profits by purchasing a few cases of that product up front. The wholesale supplier will ship the products directly to you and you are then responsible for packing and shipping the products directly on to your customers. So, what are the main advantages of buying products in bulk over drop shipping?

Pros and Cons of Bulk Buy Wholesale

If you bulk buy wholesale products you are in effect taking control of the product storage and shipping process. Although this brings with it additional overheads, you are able to purchase the product at a lower price than if you were drop shipping that product, thus increasing your profit per item sold. Buying in bulk also allows you to remove the drop shipping fees and cut the price of the product, making you more competitve in the market place.

However, if you bulk buy wholesale products you need to be aware of the increased costs associated with storage fees and packaging materials. Even with these additional expenses your profits should increase and you should make more money. The other factor to take into consideration is how much your time is worth. Unlike drop shipping, this type of product sourcing involves more of your time, because you are doing all of the shipping and sorting of products yourself.

The bulk buy wholesale process

There are a few major difference in buying products in bulk when compared to drop shiping. Once you have set up your online store or started an account on an auction site like ebay, you will then need to find a wholesaler that you would like to work with and set up a free account with them. You will then place an order for the products you are interested in, and the wholesale supplier will charge you the wholesale price plus shipping. You would pass the shipping costs on to your customer, so the shipping will cost you nothing at the end of the day.

When the cases of products arrive at your home the very first thing you need to do is inspect those products.  Open the cases, take all of the products out and then do a quick inspection for any damanged or broken products. If you do find any damaged products, the sooner you tell the wholesaler the better. The wholesaler will work out a replacement arrangement for you that should not cost you anything.

When a customer purchases an item from your online store or auction site, you will then need to package up the item and ship it on to your customer. Unlike drop shipping, you do not have to pay a drop ship fee to the warehouse, so your profit margin per item is increased. If you sell large quantities of prodcut then this additonal profit can add up, and could be the difference between running a successful business or just breaking even.

When shipping products to customers yourself it is very important to ship the product no more than 48 hrs after your customer has purchased the product. Customer service is key to your success and you need to do everyting you can to keep your customers happy.

Finding the right Wholesale suppliers

Unfortunately, many wholesale suppliers won’t work with small businesses, as the volume of product you can buy up front is too small for it to be worth their while. This is where wholesale directories such as Worldwide Brands and SaleHoo can prove to be an invaluable resource for your business. These companies help thousands of small business owners connect with suppliers, and have ensured that all wholesalers listed in their directoroes will lower their minimum order requirements to an affordable level for the small business owner. It is also worth noting that both Worldwide brands and Salehoo have pre-screened all of their listed suppliers, meaning they are all genuine and legitimate wholesalers. This takes away the worry of getting ripped off by unscrupulous suppliers.

Please take the time to browse the other useful information on this website and visit the featured wholesale suppliers and drop shippers. They have done much of the hard work for you, and using these companies will give you a great competitive advantage and help you grow a successful and profitable business. Good luck!

Bulk Buy Wholesale

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