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Doba Review – Increase eBay Profits with Doba Dropshipping

Doba Review - Products To Sell On eBayThis Doba Review will outline the pros and cons of the Doba membership and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not the Doba program is right for you.

What is Doba?

Doba is a dropshipping service that acts as a single point of contact for all of your dropshipping needs. Over two hundred dropshippers are showcased in Doba’s directory, giving you access to over one million products to sell online. When you order products you do so directly through Doba as opposed to each individual supplier. Doba takes care of all supplier relationships and pre-screens each supplier to ensure they are legitimate and trustworthy.

Benefits of a Doba Membership

There are a number of challenges to starting your own online retail business. As well as deciding what products to sell, you also need to establish relationships with a number of wholesale suppliers and ensure you are purchasing the products at the right price to make a reasonable profit.

When you are first starting out, cash flow can also be a big consideration, and unless you really know what you are doing you want to avoid bulk buying your products up front. Up front purchases will quickly deplete your cash reserves and give you the additional headache of product storage and onward shipping to your customer.

Doba addresses all of these initial challenges by doing most of the hard work for you. Doba gives you access to hundreds of pre-screened legitimate wholesale suppliers and over 1 million products that you can start selling immediately.

As all of the suppliers offer a dropshipping service you do not have to worry about storing and packaging your products and shipping those products on to your customer – the supplier will do all of this for you.

As well as saving you time and money, the Doba service significantly lowers the risks of starting or growing your online retail business. All you need to do initially is decide what product to sell and how you are going to sell that product. Doba will handle all of the relationships with your suppliers and you do not pay for any of your products until you have made a sale.

This will enable you to test out a whole range of products and price points without spending any money up front. Once you have a successful combination of product, price and marketing channel you are well on your way to growing a profitable and sustainable business.

Product Pricing

Doba claim that because of their buying power, many products are cheaper than if you went straight to the supplier. They have also introduced a price guarantee, and if you find cheaper prices on any of the other internet dropshipping sites then they will give you two free months of membership.

It is important to understand that as you are growing your online retail business you will need to use a range of wholesale product sources to maximise profits and decrease risk. When you are first stating out, dropshipping is by far and away the best choice and Doba is the best known and most reputable dropshipping source out there.

However, once you have established a profitable product or product range through dropshipping, you can increase your profits still further by buying larger quantities of that product up front direct from the wholesaler.

As you grow your business you will continually need to weigh up the cost of services such as Doba with the convenience that the service provides.


In order to use Doba you must sign up for an account. They offer a Free 14 day trial which will enable you to check out the service and decide whether or not it is right for you. If you sign up for the free trial you can also download a number of resources from the education library, so you have nothing to lose in signing up for the free trial.

Accounts are available from $49.95 per month. As well as getting access to a huge directory of dropship products the standard account also includes a push to marketplace tool to make selling on eBay quick and easy.

An advanced account is also available which costs $59.95 per month. This adds advanced training and also the ability to easily import thousands of products directly into your online store.

Education and Support

Doba is a fantastic place to learn how to dropship if you are new to the concept. Doba also offers training to help you sell products on eBay and ecommerce websites. The site itself is a very simple and intuitive to use. Doba also offers great customer support should you ever have problems with any of your orders.

Doba Review Conclusion

Doba is ideal for anyone who is thinking of starting an online retail business. All supplier relationships, packaging, warehousing and shipping is taken care of, leaving you to focus on selling profitable products and growing your online business.

Doba is also suitable for more established online businesses seeking to test the profitability of a particular product or range of products with little or no risk. Once you have identified a product that is profitable, it is then worth considering buying that product in bulk direct from the supplier and taking on more of the warehousing, packaging and shipping tasks yourself to increase profits even further.

Although Doba makes it easy for you to sell products on eBay, there is currently no store building tool with your membership, so you will have to look elsewhere for this service. Although Doba doesn’t have an integrated eCommerce website solution they have partnered with several other companies that specialise in eCommerce web stores.

Doba should be seriously considered by anyone who wants to grow and maintain a profitable online business. Although this type of service should be an essential element to any product sourcing strategy, other sourcing methods should also be considered as your business matures, including light bulk wholesale, liquidation stock and direct importing of goods from overseas.


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