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SaleHoo Review

What is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo is an online directory which is primarily aimed at retail businesses; it’s a directory of wholesale suppliers for products of all kinds, including brand names like Apple, Prada, Nike, D&G, Sony, Gucci and many others. Whether you’re interested in starting to sell products on eBay, getting your own ecommerce site going or adding new and popular products to an existing online or brick and mortar retail establishment, SaleHoo is a valuable resource.

To keep your business growing, especially online, you need to have a variety of product sourcing options including wholesalers, drop shippers, liquidators and manufacturers. With SaleHoo, all of these sources are in a single, easy to use directory, with more than 8,000 suppliers in the US, UK, Canada, China, France and Australia.

Benefits of a SaleHoo Membership

The suppliers in the SaleHoo directory have all been screened and there is detailed information on each supplier on their info page in the directory – good or bad, it’s all there to help you make the best decision. There are also reviews of suppliers by eBay power sellers and other SaleHoo members so you can see what other retailers think before you choose a supplier.

The review system used on the SaleHoo directory gives you information on whether suppliers are trustworthy as well as how their customer service is, their packaging and the range of products they offer. This is the kind of information which could take a considerable amount of time to find on your own; and something which many SaleHoo members say is worth the cost of a lifetime membership all by itself.

The SaleHoo directory contains thousands of different products organized by category. You can also search for suppliers by country or use the directory’s advanced search option, which allows you to search for products by name, brand, supplier name or keyword.


SaleHoo - Product Sourcing For Your Online Business

Any small business has to watch their cash flow very carefully, which makes SaleHoo especially valuable – there are thousands of suppliers here who require either small minimum orders or have no minimum quantity for orders so you can try products out before you go ahead and invest in a larger quantity.

Along with wholesalers, liquidators and manufacturers, you’ll also find many drop shippers in the directory, so if you’d prefer to have someone else deal with warehousing, packing and shipping products, that’s easy to find.

Competetive Pricing

SaleHoo is simply a directory, not a middleman. You deal with the suppliers who you choose to do business with directly, so you get the lowest possible prices. Of course, the price you pay all depends on which supplier you choose and in what quantities you buy.

SaleHoo Education and Support

One of the most valuable resources which you’ll get as part of a SaleHoo membership is the Learning and Training center. Here you’ll find a wealth of articles, tips, reference works and tools to help you get your business up and running, sell on eBay, import goods, ship to customers and other topics of interest to online retailers.

There is also a forum for members; this is a great place to find out from other members which suppliers are the best to work with and which products are selling the best. It’s a good place to get pointers that can help you get your business growing.

One other resource included with SaleHoo membership is their Research and Analysis tools. These let you analyze the potential of a product or niche market by using data including prices and competition on eBay, market demand and the amount of search engine advertising for a particular product.

SaleHoo Membership Fee

A lifetime membership costs only $67; a onetime fee which is very competitive for a directory this comprehensive, especially considering the other resources included with membership.

There is also a 100% money back guarantee if you decide that SaleHoo isn’t right for you within the first eight weeks after signing up – which makes this directory definitely worth looking into.


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