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What to sell on eBay

Thousands of people are making money from eBay every day of the week, and one of the key reasons why they continue to profit from this great opportunity is that the know what to sell on eBay and they stick to the products that make them money.

What to Sell on eBay – Finding Products that will make you money

Finding what to sell on eBay is a challenge. You need to research products to find something that is profitable.

The perfect product to sell on eBay will be profitable, easy for you to deliver to your customers, easy to source, is free from competition, and there’s an unlimited supply of the item. Obviously, products that fit all of these categories are few and far between, so you may have to make compromises in your selections.

Digital Products

When researching what to sell on eBay, it is worth initially looking at whether you can use your exisitng skills and knowledge to sell your own information product. You can make a lot of money by selling information. Information can be delivered electronically and can be duplicated. You could use your existing skills to teach your potential customers to speak a foreign language or help them to solve computer problems. You might also like to offer people advice about key topics such as bringing up children, how to train your dog, or how to get out of financial problems.

If you create your own informational product then you can produce the product yourself very cheaply and there is no concern over stocking enough inventory to sell.

Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to selling only informational products, you can also sell physical products but they will take much more thought.

Physical products

Most people would prefer to sell real products on eBay, so how can they go about doing this? Well eBay actually makes this quite simple because they provide their own sections to help you decide what to sell.

If you are selling physical products then you do need to be more cautious because you will have to invest more time and money in choosing the right products.

Ebay has a section called “What’s Hot” and you can use this to find out about popular items on the site. The most popular items on the whole site are of little interest because although they are popular there will also be a lot of competition for these. Instead you should focus on the most popular products in certain categories. This will make it very easy to identify a potential niche market that you can profit from.

What to Sell on Ebay – How easily can you source products?

Once you have thought about the types of products that you want to sell on eBay you will need to find a source for them. There are a number of different sources depending on how much money you have to invest, and what it is you are selling.

Starting small

If you’re just starting your eBay business then the best place to start would be your own home. You can take a look through all of your old possessions and decide whether any of it can be sold. Take a look at things that you never use anymore and list them on eBay. These could be clothes, CD’s, books, or anything else that you don’t want anymore. All you need to do is give them a clean, take a photo and list it on eBay.

Selling items from your home is a great place to start however you will eventually run out of things to sell which means you will need to find somewhere else to buy products from.

Garage Sales

Garage sales can be great fun and sometimes you can pick up a real bargain. If you can pick up items cheaply at garage sales then it might be possible to list them on eBay for a profit. If you already tried selling items from your home then you should already understand which items will sell and at what sort of prices they will sell for.


Another potential source of cheap stock is liquidators these are people that buy the stock of businesses when they go out of business. This makes it possible to get a great price on some things although the supply of these items will be limited.

Drop Shippers

A dropshipper is a great company to source products from because they mean that you never have to actually handle the products yourself. Your customers order products from you and then you simply need to pass the orders onto your dropshipper. The dropshipper will then process the order and send the product directly to your customers address.


You can even find products to sell on eBay itself; there is even a wholesale section of the site where you can pick up products in bulk. You will be able to buy a pallet load of products which you can then split up and sell on as individual items. This is normally liquidated or unsold stock so you might be able to get yourself a bargain.

Nobody knows whether the products that they choose to sell will be profitable or not so it will need a little trial and error. Try to concentrate on items that don’t have a lot of competition so that you can get your products seen by as many people as possible.

What to Sell on eBay

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