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Worldwide Brands Review

What is WorldWide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is an important resource for entrepreneurs which includes a directory of liquidators, drop shippers, small and large volume wholesalers and other wholesale suppliers. Their database of wholesalers includes more than 8,000 companies who offer literally millions of different products. Along with being one of the largest online directories of its kind, membership with Worldwide Brands includes valuable market research tools and other material geared towards online retailers.

The Benefits of Membership

There are several advantages of using Worldwide Brands as a guide for product sourcing. If you’d like to make your own ecommerce site or sell products on eBay, having reliable suppliers is essential. Membership in Worldwide Brands makes it easy to find the products you need and begin selling them to create a profitable business.

It takes a lot of time and effort to research, contact and make business arrangements with suppliers. Not every supplier you get in touch with will be willing to do drop shipping for you and others will only deal in large quantities, requiring you to place very large orders to do business with them.

By contrast, Worldwide Brands has done the work for you, offering a huge listing of verified wholesalers who work with small online entrepreneurs. It makes it easy to take care of your product sourcing, so you can spend your time and energy where it’s most needed – promoting your business and dealing with your customers.

Worldwide Brands

Visit Worldwide Brands For All Your Product Sourcing Needs

Worldwide Brands differs from many drop shipping services in that there is no middleman to be paid; you work directly with wholesalers, which means lower prices (and higher profits) for you.

Worldwide Brands Market Research Tools

Membership with Worldwide Brands also includes a very useful market research tool which is an invaluable resource for online retailers who want to not only get the best prices, but find the right products to sell.

Whenever you look up products in Worldwide Brands’ database, their market research tool gives you information which can help you to determine how well the product might sell for you. You’ll find out how many people are searching for this particular product, what related products are selling well, which keywords people are using to find these products and perhaps even more importantly, how much competition there is for this product online.

This is valuable information which is worth the fee for Worldwide Brands membership all by itself; and you can also save this information and pull it up again whenever you need it.

Worldwide Brands Education Package

Education is an important part of making any online business a success; and you can keep up with the latest trends in the field using Worldwide Brands’ education resources, collectively known as “the Whole Sale”.

This is a package of 19 video courses on product sourcing and online retailing, complete with online workbooks, interactive tests and exercises to help you test and build on what you’ve learned from the videos.

Also available are a variety of informative articles and eBooks, which you’ll have access to as part of your membership.


Worldwide Brands is one of the best known and most widely used online directories of wholesalers. They’ve been around for over 7 years now and are part of eBay’s certified developers program as well as being an eBay certified Solutions Provider.

They’re also accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and enjoy a sterling reputation in the online business community.

Worldwide Brands Membership

While there are a lot of perks to Worldwide Brands membership, the membership fee is a bit higher than that charged by some competing directories; $299 for a lifetime membership. This can be paid all at once or in installments over four months.

Your membership fee provides you with access to one of the world’s largest wholesaler directories, market research tools and some very useful educational resources.

If you want to get an online business off the ground or to make your existing ecommerce business more profitable, getting a Worldwide Brands membership is something you should certainly consider – thousands of online businesses won’t go to anyone else.

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